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Encouraging Interaction for Babies

We have a selection of rooms available so that your children are able to interact with others their age, which has been proven to help with their development. The baby room has been specifically designed to provide a comforting atmosphere. Our staff work closely with parents to ensure we follow the routine already set at home. All requests given to us by parents are accommodated to make sure that we cater to all your child's needs. For working mums and dads we have opening hours to suit the daily commute, so you can drop your child off and pick them up before and after work.

Modern Toddler Facilities

Our toddler rooms are for little ones aged between two and three years old. We've recently designed and created a brand new toddler facility in another building. This new area boasts a fully equipped kitchen and has its own toilet area, and direct access to the garden. The rooms are filled with age-appropriate and educational toys that are not only fun, but will help your child to develop new skills. In the existing building we are able to accommodate 16 toddlers, while the new building hosts up to 12. Your children's safety is our top priority so we've fitted an independent alarm system to ensure the building is completely secure.

Preschool Learning

We have two preschool rooms available which are for children aged three and above. The rooms, which are in the same building, will hold up to 16 children in one and 10 in the other. Just like the toddlers room this class has age-appropriate toys, as well as different learning areas such as: role play, literacy, water activities, reading, arts and crafts, ICT, and an investigation area.

We also have the benefit of an Early Years Teacher working in our Pre-school Room.

We also accept free funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

Get in touch with our staff to learn more about our nursery facilities and preschool classes in Coventry, West Midlands.