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Roots and Shoots Afterschool Club

We provide afterschool childcare services for those that are in need of extended childcare past schooling hours. We ensure to create a stimulating atmosphere where children are able to learn whilst they play.

Our Afterschool Club:

After school hours are finished two trained staff members will come to collect your child in which they will be brought to our designated afterschool club classroom where they are able to play and learn with other children. A range of different activities are included from arts & crafts to outdoor play, ensuring there is something to suit every child. Children are able to bring their own packed lunches. Afterschool childcare is at £7.50 per session.

How To Apply:

To secure your place at any of our afterchool club you will need to complete a Registration Form that will be emailed to you after enrolment has been accepted. An initial family registration fee of £25.00 is payable. This entitles all family members to attend any of the holiday clubs during the year. Registration remains valid provided one session has been booked and paid for in any 12 month period.