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All Early Years settings have a requirement to promote fundamental  British Values as part of our broader requirements relating to quality of education which we provide and whilst doing so promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all the children who attend.

The British Values of 'democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs' are promoted in age appropriate ways in all that we do.

How are we Promoting British Values, Understanding the World-People and Communities, here at Roots & Shoots Day Nursery.

Democracy - Social Development:

-Unique Child - we recognise and model respect for each child and their family.

-Personal, Social and Emotional Development - via the aspects of self-confidence and self awareness.

-We involve children in decision-making, such as decisions on food, play and rules.

The Rule of Law - Moral Development:

-Personal, Social and Emotional Development - managing feelings and behaviour.

-We support the children in managing their feelings and behaviour.

-For example by providing books, puppets and games that show how characters help and support each other.  Talking about our emotions, and using music that captures different moods.

-We talk about why rules are important, and consequences.

-We arrange visits from our local police, fire and ambulance services.

Individual Liberty - Spirtual Development:

-We consider how we can support children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development - via self confidence and self awareness.

-Understanding the World - via the aspects of people and communities.

-We think about the Characteristics of Effective Learning and how children are engaged, motivated and thinking.

-We encourage the children to recognise and celebrate success.

-We encourage group discussions to talk about feelings and recognise that everyone has different opinions.

Mutual Respect & Tolerance of Different Faiths & Beliefs - Cultural Development:

-We support the children's understanding of diversity and challenge any negative attitudes and stereotypes.

-We model an inclusive attitude to different faiths, cultures and beliefs.

-We provide many activities that encourage turn taking.

-We provide lots of role play activities.

-We help the children to recognise and respect both similarities and differences.

-We involve the children in the wider community through fundraising for Children in Need, Comic Relief, Red Nose Day.

-We work in partnership with parents to share knowledge and experience.

  • -We provide resources and activities that challenge gender, cultural and racial stereotyping.