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The nursery day is carefully planned to give a balance of adult-led and child-led activities.  We try to adapt the planned activities to individual children in order to reflect their particular skills, interests and development needs.  This means that the staff constantly need to notice what each child is doing, to record this, and to think about what it means, and what the next steps should be. The staff record their observations in what is known as a "learning journey", which is a collection of different documents prepared by staff to provide a picture of a child's development under various areas of learning such as physical development, communication & language, etc.

Instead of using the traditional system based upon post it notes, supplemented by photographs and art work by children with observations made by staff, we use a system call ed the eylog. This allows staff to capture a photo, a video clip or voice recording as well as written notes using a table computer, and assign this to one or more children. These observations from staff members are then uploaded to a secure web-based learning journey to which you as parent would also have access to!

Welcome to the world of online learning journeys!

We believe that using online learning journeys will allow both a rich body of evidence to support out partnership with parents and to help us plan for individual children's development, and of course a wonderful keepsake for you to share with your child.  The technology also supports a daily record, especially for the under 2's, of food, milk and nappy changes, by logging these as they occur, we can ensure that up-to-date information is always available to parents.


The tablets that are used to reord the observatoions are supplied with a custom "firmware" in which all applications, except for the eylog have been removed, so it is not possible to access Facebook or websites or to send any e-mail messages from the tablets. All data is held in encrypted form and is accessed subject to a secure login and password.  

The eylog website ( has more information as well as a list of FAQs.

Parents whose children attend nursery please don't forget to register with eylog in order to access your child's online learning journey.