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Partnership With Parents & Carers

-We understand and regard partnerships with parents and carers to be of the utmost importance to the welfare of their children.

-When a child joins is we like to gain as much information as possible about them so that we can make this new experience happy, safe and enjoyable for all concerned.

-We have an open door policy and welcome parents and carers if they wish to speak to their Child's Keyworker or Manager about any issues, either in person, via the telephone, via email, or via your child's on line Daily Diary.

-Children about to start with us are encourage to make one or two familiarisation visits with a parent or carer to help them settle in, the length and number can be tailored to the needs of each child.

-All children have an on line Learning Journey compiled to record their progress and achievements. Parents and carers can view these at any time on line via Ey Log.

-We also communicate with parents about their child's mealtimes, nappy changes, sleeps and activities the child has engaged with so that parents and carers can know more about their child's day.

-All children are assigned a keyworker, who will be the primary carer for the child.  

-We encourage all parents/carers to visit our Facebook page where they can see more information about the nursery and events that have occured at the nursery.

-We have a Parent's Noticeboard outside the Main Office, so for those who don't have access to the internet, please remember to check our noticeboard.